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  1. Hi team,

    I’m looking at some vacant blocks for sale in Maryvale with the hope to someday build a home there. I’ve scoured the SDRC website but am wondering if there’s any additional info you might be able to provide being locals with a vested interested in the future development of the area.

    There are blocks being sold that don’t have existing road access e.g. running between Wienholt and Allan Sts, however the council requires road access to be able to build a house on them. Do you have any insight into what sort of road is required, or whether there are existing plans to build a road/lane through there? How has this been overcome in the past?

    Do you have any info on whether most people in Maryvale are on town power/sewerage or is it largely solar and septic?

    Anything you can pass my way would be much appreciated!



    1. Hi Courtney,
      Firstly I must apologise that you have not received a reply before this. The contact form was set up as a test feature and a process to monitor responses had not been implemented.
      To answer your questions, if I am not too late in replying.
      You are correct, there are blocks of land for sale that are not serviced by roadways throughout Maryvale. In order to build a road, there is a bit of a process as far as getting engineering approval, building the roadway and then confirming that the roadway stands up to the elements over a period of time. It would be best to inquire with the SDRC on their requirements, bonds payable etc. You may find some details on Roads may be simple one lane, gravel roadways. Gravel or some other layering would eb required as much of the land in Maryvale is blacksoil.

      here are no plans to build any roadways and Council require anyone developing a site to build the infrastructure. If you needed a road that passes land belonging to other owners, you may be able to negotiate with then to share the cost.

      Most people are on mains power, a small number are ‘off the grid’ relying solely on solar power.

      You would need to install your own waste treatment system.

      Other landowners have opted to build a shed as temporary accommodation while building a home. Unfortunately too many have wanted to just live in the sheds. Council will not approve the construction of a shed nor give final approval without house plans being submitted and completed within a period of two years I am led to believe. You woudl need to confirm that with council,

      Courtney, I hope that the above helps you and once again, apologies for the late reply.

      Best regards

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