Maryvale Futures

Maryvale Futures – Maryvale Draft Urban Development Plan

Residents will be aware that the draft Urban Development Plan put together by JFP Urban Consultants on behalf of the Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) was delivered to the Maryvale Progress Association for review and comment. A meeting of the Progress Association and interested residents was held at the Maryvale Hall on Saturday 1st Sept 2018 where the draft plan was discussed in detail.
Each point of the plan was discussed with some being favourable; some rejected out of hand and others acceptable with amendments.
The committee of the Progress Association are currently preparing a response on behalf of the residents for submission to the SDRC by the 17th Sept 2018.
The committee of the Progress Association would like to thank and congratulate those that attended for their input to the Draft Plan and also for the manner in which those that attended conducted themselves.
There were several points discussed that concern the safety of residents on the roadways within Maryvale and pertinent points were noted by our local State Member, James Lister who attended the meeting for the whole duration.
The committee would welcome additional constructive input to the continuing development of the Urban Development Plan in order to create the best possible outcome for Maryvale and its residents

Update: January 2019

Council Approval

At the monthly council meeting, council voted to approve the Maryvale Futures – Draft Urban Development Plan with amendments arising from consultations with the Maryvale community and submissions made by the Maryvale Progress Association.
This now paves the way for further planning on the three priority projects including applications for grants and council funding to complete the work.
The three priority projects, in order of precedence are:
– Maryvale Park upgrade;
– Maryvale Town Centre Upgrade; and
– Development of the railway reserve.
Details of the council meeting that approved Maryvale Futures are contained in the following documents”
– Council Meeting Agenda – 23 January 2019.
– Minutes of the Council meeting conducted on the 23 January 2019.
– Attachment to the minutes of the Council meeting conducted on the 23 January 2019